About Anne Greenfield

Anne Greenfield is an Assistant Professor of English at Valdosta State University, specializing in Restoration and eighteenth-century British literature. She received her Ph.D. (English) in 2011 from the University of Denver, her M.A. (English) from Western Washington University, and her B.A. (Philosophy) from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Anne is a member of the Editorial Boards of Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Research, ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts 1640-1830, and Appositions: Studies in Renaissance / Early Modern Literature and Culture. She has published articles on Restoration / eighteenth-century drama and Aphra Behn.


Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Research is a peer-reviewed, academic journal published under the auspices of the department of English at Valdosta State University. The journal features scholarship on late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century British and European drama and staging. Issues contain articles, theatre reviews, book reviews, and occasional interviews.

ISSN: 0034-5822