Current Issue

Volume 29, Issue 2 (Winter 2014)

“Writing Against the Stage: Anti-Theatrical Discourse in Early Modern Europe,” Part 2 of 2, Guest-Edited by Logan J. Connors, Bucknell University


  • “From Anti-Theater to Anti-Theatricality” by Logan J. Connors
  • “Santos Díez González, Civil Censor: Balancing the Theory and Practice of
    Theater Reform in Madrid, 1788-1804″ by Frieda Koeninger
  • “Society Theater’s Self-Criticism: The Anti-Theatrical Discourse in Moncrif ’s
    Les Abdérites and Piron’s La Métromanie” by Maria Teodora Comsa
  • “The Anti-Performance Prejudice of Shakespeare’s Eighteenth-Century
    Editors” by James Harriman-Smith
  • “‘Stage-plays […] and a thousand other amusements now in use’: Garrick’s
    Response to Anti-Theatrical Discourse in the Mid Eighteenth Century” by Gillian Skinner
  • “Manipulating Reader-Actors: Eighteenth-Century Printed Harlequinades” by Anne F. Widmayer

Theatre Reviews:

  • The Metromaniacs by David Ives; adapted from La Métromanie by Alexis Piron, directed by Michael Kahn, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Washington, DC; reviewed by Christopher J. Wheatley
  • Jane Austen’s Christmas Cracker: An Interactive Ball; directed by Jason Beagle, Reduxion Theatre Company, Oklahoma City, OK; reviewed by Jennifer L. Airey

Book Reviews:

  • Shakespeare and the Eighteenth Century by Michael Caines. Reviewed by Adam H. Kitzes