Current Issue

Volume 29, Issue 1 (Summer 2014)

“Writing Against the Stage: Anti-Theatrical Discourse in Early Modern Europe,” Part 1 of 2, Guest-Edited by Logan J. Connors, Bucknell University


  • “The Theater’s Many Enemies” by Logan J. Connors
  • “An Elusive Controversy: the Beginnings of Polemics Against the Stage in France” by François Lecercle
  • “Between Jest and Earnest. Ironical Defenses of Theatre in Seventeenth-Century England and France” by Clotilde Thouret
  • “The Controversy over the Morality of the Theatre in Early Enlightenment France” by Theodore E. D. Braun
  • “A ‘perfectly honest comedian’ is ‘a metaphysical abstraction': From the Moral Condemnation of Acting to its Aesthetic Promotion in the Eighteenth Century” by Laurence Marie
  • “False Frocks: Chénier’s Charles IX and the Debate on Religious Costume in Parisian Theater, 1789–90″ by Annelle Curulla

Theatre Reviews:

  • Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen; adapted by Kate Hamill, directed by Eric Tucker, Bedlam, New York, NY; reviewed by Karen Gevirtz
  • Life on the Moon by Joseph Haydn, directed by Cal McCrystal, conducted by Christopher Bucknall, English Touring Opera, London; reviewed by Angela Escott

Book Reviews:

  • Restoration Comedy, 1660‑1670: A Catalogue edited by Manuel J. Gómez‑Lara, Maria José Mora, Paula de Pando, Rafael Portillo, Juan A. Prieto‑Pablos, and Rafael Vélez Núñez. Reviewed by Derek Hughes
  • “The Celebrated Hannah Cowley”: Experiments in Dramatic Genre, 1776-1794 by Angela Escott. Reviewed by Jennifer Golightly
  • Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century edited by Fiona Ritchie and Peter Sabor. Reviewed by Keith Gregor